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Camp Protest Leader

"When we were at the Sundance grounds we danced for the women and children for the pain and the suffering that must end for them. This is what we were dancing for."

Ramsey Clark
Former U.S. Atty. General

"We should recognize Gustafsen Lake for what it really is. There are 200 million indigenous people struggling for survival. The simple truth is that we have to learn to love our native people."

Dr. Bruce Clark
Lawyer/Constitutional Expert

"No institution within human society is above the law. Essentially what the judges are saying is that they are above the law."

Prof. Anthony Hall
Lethbridge Univ. Alberta

"A systematic media disinformation and smear campaign that Above The Law Part 2 now clearly proves was operative in 1995, beyond any shadow of a doubt."

Cst. Bob Woods

"Somebody above the level of constable made the decision that the ERT was going in and nothing was going to change their mind. They were going to go in and put on a show of force to set an example."

Cyril Neville
Member of Neville Brothers Group

"On the government's part there were things that they said happened one way and when you look at certain films you see that they didn't happen the way the government said that they did."

Above the Law - Part II

A videotape by Mervyn Brown
54 minutes
Price- $59.00 USD Institutional Rate
$39.00 USD Individual Rate

This videotape was presented as evidence in the November 2000 extradition trial of James Pitawanakwat - one of the Gustafsen Lake defendants - which was held in Portland, Oregon. The tape was subsequently evaluated as evidence, by U.S. Magistrate Judge, Janice Stewart. On November 15, 2000, Judge Stewart ruled that this video provided uncontradicted evidence that:

"the Canadian government engaged in a smear and disinformation campaign to prevent the media from learning and publicizing the true extent and political nature of these events."
U.S. Magistrate Judge Janice Stewart

"Above The Law Part 2 explodes myths with all the intensity of the Canadian army's land mine which blew up the Native's red truck during the height of the standoff. The revelations in this film are supplemented by the release of a flood of previously restricted documents clarifying the structure of the Chain of Command at Gustafsen Lake."

Dr Anthony Hall, University Of Lethbridge

A provocative video which examines how police handled the 1995 Gustafsen Lake Standoff - heralded as the largest and costliest police operation in Canadian history. It includes incriminating footage from police "training tapes" : - documented evidence that was previously banned from publication.

"We have viewed the videotape and there is disturbing evidence of the use of land mines by the federal and provincial government against our peoples contrary to the Canadian international campaign to eliminate the use of land mines."
Chief Arthur Manuel

The overwhelming application of military force at Gustafsen Lake has remained largely unknown until now. Because credible persons like former U.S. Attorney General, Ramsey Clark and defense lawyer George Wool provide analysis which complements the footage of RCMP 'dirty tricks', the film is likely to gain international attention."
Ben Mahoney, CD Magazine