WISEMAN TECHNIQUE: Floor Stretching Exercises (40 minutes)

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A full floor stretching program.
Designed and developed specifically for dancers & figure skaters,
and now for anyone wishing to get more from their exercise programs. This innovative technique will not only condition and tone the body, it will also strengthen the lymphatic system, develop core strength and flexibility.

Discover what a growing number of professional athletes
celebrities and performers and sport trainers are calling

" The safest & most effective workout for the HUMAN BODY. "

"60 to 80 % of North Americans will suffer from
back pain some time in their life."

The reason is usually stress on undeveloped spinal column muscles . The spine is meant to be flexible. But often the muscles, ligaments and tendons that surround the spinal column, become slack, unable to perform due to lack of use and development.

There are many programs that can help to eliminate this problem. But none are quite as focused and effective as the “The Wiseman Technique”.

Which is why the WISEMAN TECHNIQUE is becoming the program of choice for many physiotherapists.

Wiseman Technique consists of simple, easy to do exercises that will improve everything you do - awarness, strength, flexibility, coordination, muscle tone, repair injuries, back problems, breathing, artisitic ability and ... even your golf score.

Developed over a period of many years , Mr Wiseman/Padam has successfully developed a program that fuses Eastern and Western philosophies of body conditioning.


The carefully developed program merges specific postures and movements along with a concentration on breathing to condition and work the body from the inside > out.



"Thank you for your contribution to dance and the audience in such a moving way. Your video is so attractive with your demonstrations. You look to be in perfect shape, and so can be the students who emulate you" ... a personal note from:

Arnold Spohr
Artistic Director Emeritus
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet

"Daily use of the Wiseman Technique changed me from a stiff dancer to one of adequate flexibility, from a dancer who worked too hard to a dancer who works efficiently, from a dancer with body parts to a dancer with mind/body coordination. The continued application of the Wiseman Technique through the ensuing thirty years of my career has kept my body in top condition and helped me formulate ballet training for university students and professionals. My particular training approach incorporates the principles Padam developed with me in Darmstadt in 1973. Through my Ballet classes, dancers acquire sensuality, fluidity, easy strength, continued development of technical finesse, pleasure in dancing and safe dance practices. The best thing about the Wiseman Technique is that just about every one can do it and every one who does will benefit. Thank you, Padam, for your applied genius! "

- Evan Jones, former solo dancer with the Staatstheater Darmstadt and Ballet Frankfurt,
currently Lecturer in Ballet, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

“I have been incorporating the WISEMAN TECHNIQUE in my dance classes for a number of years and found it of great benefit to my students and their expanded flexibility and enhanced performance".
- Helen Evans, Ballet Teacher

“I began using the Wiseman Technique as an exercise to aid in my battle with diabetes. The power of the program for me is in my inner resilience to the disease and an over whelming awareness of my physical being. I am very grateful for the Wiseman Technique. More powerful than yoga."
Nick Mancuso – Actor

"I have been doing the WISEMAN TECHNIQUE FLOOR STRETCHING EXERCISES regularly, 2-3 times a week for the past 8 years. I have taught international and national ice dance medallists and am very aware of how important it is to keep the mind and body in top physical condition.
I find these exercises not only improve muscle strength and flexibility but help prevent injury, you become very aware of how your body moves and where your strengths and weaknesses are. I also find that I feel very relaxed and at the same time stimulated. I would recommend them to all ages to Improve your own well being."
- June Thorlaksson, Figure Skating Coach

"I have been coaching for 10 years , everywhere from recreational skaters to national champions. I was the Provincial Canada Winter Games Champion. For a number of years I have been incorporating Wiseman Technique into my teaching and it has proved very helpful in producing great results with my students, ... however what I’m most happy with about Padam’s floor stretching exercises is that it has improved my Golf Swing!"
- Rod Makie, Figure Skating Coach

WISEMAN TECHNIQUE: Floor Stretching Exercises (40 minutes)

PRICE: $29.95 US


Now available for the first time on video! A revolutionary exercise routine for dancers, figure skaters and athletes - anyone interested in the physical development of the human body. The series of exercises presented in this video are a result of years of extensive research and up-to-date understanding of human physiology. Developed specifically for professional dancers and figure skaters, these precise & focused exercises are intended to free the performing artist from their physical limitations by expanding and strengthening the capacity of individual muscles, tendons & ligaments, as well as developing better coordination and physical awareness.Now the physical artist and athlete can break through the barriers of their body’s limitations and realize the vision of their creative spirit.
These exercises are also highly effective in the repair of muscle injuries and can assist in the rehabilitation from back problems.
The dynamic results from these exercises is well documented. Artists and athletes alike praise the results achieved through adding ‘The Wiseman Technique’ © to their training.
A must for anyone interested in the development of the human body... (it will even improve your golf score.)

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