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GIS 10-1


390 minutes

This 6.5 hour workshop is intended to provide application specialists and managers with an exposure to the complex world of GIS technology and terminology. It is an introductory seminar that emphasizes identifying and clearly illustrating primitive concepts in GIS applications. The concepts and technical issues that are reviewed are supplemented with realistic forest management applications. These include the identification of resource capabilities, forest inventory updating forest merchantability and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) modeling, as well as determining land use suitability and potential conflict.

David J. Buckley is a principal of GeoMark Analysis Ltd., a firm dedicated to the assessment, implementation and responsible application of GIS technology to a wide range of land related disciplines. He has conducted numerous workshops and seminars on GIS for both public and private sector audiences. He has recently published an introductory GIS book entitled The GIS Primer. Mr. Buckley is a regular presence at GIS conferences and symposia throughout North America. His familiarity with application fields include natural resource and forest management, retailing and geographic market analysis, and most recently, political electoral analysis.

The agenda for the workshop includes a review of:

The Nature of Geographic Information

Fundamental GIS Concepts

Data Input

Data Storage and Retrieval

Data Manipulation and Analysis

Data Output and Display

Assessment, Acquisition and Implementation

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  • High School/General Public
  • University (Undergraduate)
  • Advanced Research
  • Professional

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GIS-49, GIS-50


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